My family of six is going to the Cayman Islands for the first time Nov 20th to the 30th. My 9 year old son Hunter has Celiacs Disease and can not eat foods with Gluten (Wheat). Do you know if any of these restaurants have a Gluten free menu?
I would sooo appreciate some help finding places for him to eat.
Many thanks"
- October 2011

Thank you for contacting regarding dining in the Cayman Islands.

I have several friends with Celiac disease so I have a small understanding of your challenge and a lot of sympathy for you and your son. One of my friends can be quite lenient with his restrictions and another cannot share a toaster. 

Most of the restaurants in Cayman are very considerate of dietary restrictions although they may not publish menu items specifically as lo-salt, lacto-ovo, gluten-free, etc. If Hunter's celiac disease is very sensitive then you might be best to rent a condo or hotel suite with cooking facilities and cook his meals so that you can control his exposure to gluten just as you do at home. If he is OK with gluten ingredients possibly touching gluten-free ingredients (i.e.: if he can share a toaster) then most of the better restaurants in Cayman will do their utmost to provide a safe and delicious meal for him (meat/fish, rice, veggies).

Most of our restauranteurs are family-oriented people so I feel very confident that they will help you. I would recommend that you contact:
- Luca (Cheryl, Andi, Laura)
- Calypso Grill (Terry, George)
- Yoshi Sushi (Jan)
- Eats (Jan)
- Copper Falls Steakhouse (Frank, Dianne)

Please see for their websites and contact info. I'm sure you will enjoy your vacation in Cayman and I look forward to hearing from you again.

Best wishes to you and yours,

Thank you for your time and information, I will contact those restaurants. I Already contacted Pappagallo's Ristorante and they have gluten free pasta which is great.

Please be advised that we do have a gluten free menu, you just have to ask for it when you make a reservation.
(Copper Falls Steakhouse)

"We are reopening Mezza in about 3 weeks under the name XQ’s ( and are interested in getting listed in CaymanRestaurants.
Kind regards"
Martin Pilat
- August 201


"Pirates Den Restaurant now offers online ordering for pickup. Please update your site to include the link under your listing for Pirates Den.
Thank You"
Corey F
- July 2011

"Dear Cayman Restaurants

Having recently visited the Caymans & although everything I tasted was mouth watering, there was one simple dessert that has been on my mind every day since.  The restaurant in question is a simple fast food Chicken Chicken Grand Island franchise which in store sells the BEST brownies I have ever had.

Is there any way to obtain a recipe for these brownies?  I am based in New York and would love to be able to make these for myself between visits.

My Kindest Regards"

- July 2011


Can you please update the listing for Roland's Garden?

I am sure you know that we moved to SMB and our opening is finally not too far away, depending on Government inspection now.

The new location for Roland's Garden and the new Roland's Beer Garden is on Lawrence Blvd (former Butterfly Farm), the new tel# is 946 2500 and the new website

Thank you!"

- March 2011


Reviewing the myriad of establishments to eat at when heading out for a meal, I have an inquiry.

Our past experiences have been spent on twenty-two visits renting villas on seventeen (a few were repeats) islands in the Bahamas and the Caribbean.  I mention this for the simple reason that we have a tad bit more background than the average tourist.  On January of 2012, we will be renting a villa on your islands north side.

Even though the primary purpose of our trips is to simply sit back and enjoy the beachfront, pool, shops and restaurants, light fishing, and the locals, occasionally, we simply like to wear some better than average vacation clothing (not a tie & coat) and go out to a fine restaurant for an evenings dinner.  Would you be able to advise me of a couple of those type of restaurants?"

- March 2011

Hi Michael,

Thank you for contacting for your Cayman dining pleasure! (I apologise for not responding earlier but we were on vacation and are just now getting caught up with the emails.)

Rest assured, the most formal attire you will need in Cayman is described as "Smart Casual"... meaning any collared shirt (like a golf shirt) and chinos. It's difficult to whittle the options down to just a couple of suggestions as we have so many really great restaurants. So I will share with you my personal favourites for:
- fish: Calypso Grill or Blue
- steak: Copper Falls Steakhouse or Calypso Grill
- sushi: Bamboo or Yoshi's
- pasta/Italian: Pappagallo's or Ragazzi
- ambience: Luca (comfy chic), Osetra Bay (modern) or Pappagallo (island)

I hope this helps you. When you get back, please let me know about your vacation and what your restaurant choices were.

Bon Voyage and Bon Apetit!


Just wanted to say you have a very useful site. Saved me a lot of time compiling my own list. Thanks!"
- March 2011

"Hi, four of us (adults) will be doing a shore excursion on Grand Cayman later this month and will have from about 7:30 am to 4:30 pm one day only.
We are not big shoppers and would simply enjoy a day at your wonderful beach with food, drinks, table and an umbrella available.  We may or may not be interested in swimming with the stingrays.  We would be interested in something beyond hamburgers and hot dogs.  Do any of your restaurants offer services to the cruisers that are ashore of this nature?  If so, would we simply take a taxi to the restaurant? 
I was there in the 1990's to set up a bank account before your devastating hurricane and stayed at the Marriott but I am not sure how they would feel about persons not staying at the hotel "camping out" on the water for several hours although we would be eating and drinking there.
Thank you in advance you your suggestions.

- January 2011

"Do by any chance have a list of restaurants that would be open on Xmas day (25th) in the evening?"
- December 2010

Hi Louise, (See Notes below)

Thank you for asking for restaurant information in Cayman. I cannot give you a definitive list of open restaurants on Christmas Day evening, however I can tell you that most restaurants that are normally open for supper do not close for holidays. In fact, many restaurants usually offer special menus for Christmas including: Luca, Ragazzi, Calypso Grill, Pappagallo, and Copper Falls Steakhouse - as well as the restaurants within the big hotels such as Blue and 7 Prime Cuts and Sunsets (Ritz), Casa Havana (Westin) and Hemingways (Beach Suites).

I hope this helps with your decision-making. Cayman has so many truly wonderful restaurants that I know you cannot go wrong from the above list! Our best wishes to you and yours for a Merry Christmas.


Hi Linda,
Just let you know both of our restaurants Ragazzi and Luca are open every day.
Thank you.

Hi Louise,
Sorry - I just found out that Calypso Grill will be closed on Christmas Day... but make sure to visit them on another day for Lunch or Dinner for the best fish in the Caribbean!

Hallo Lynda, this  is the Lighthouse  Restaurant and we inform you that we  are open for  lunch 12 to 2.30pm  and dinner from 5.30 till 10 pm - last  kitchen order on the 25th of december.

Dear Ms. Louise
Season greetings from the Westin
Please see the following restaurants that are open on Christmas Day: Wharf, Pappagallo’s, Luca, Lobster Pot, Ragazzi, and Hemingway’s.
For dinner reservations please forward your request and we will confirm for you.
Tropical regards,

Good Morning Lynda,
I just wanted to let you know that Osetra Bay is not open on Christmas day but we are open every other day of the year excluding good Friday. You may also want to note that Osetra Bay will be having a New Years Eve Gala on January 31st called Fire and Ice. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to let me know. Thanks so much for your interest in Osetra and have a very happy holiday season.
Thanks so much,

I interested in possible hiring a private chef to come to the condo my family is staying at to cook us a dinner one of the nights
while we are in Grand Cayman and was wondering if you can recommend any chef's that do this. If so can you direct me to him
and i will email him/her?
Thank You"

-October 2010

Hi Lorraine,

Thank you for contacting regarding chefs in Cayman. There are several chefs I can recommend:
- Chef Sean at Mise en Place - Sean
- Both chefs at Treats Restaurant (West Shore Plaza) - Hameed and Raj. Hameed is an award-winning chef and member of the Cayman Culinary Team. (see interview)
- Chef Keith Griffin now has his own personalised chef services:
Also, you might try contacting Barnes Bartender Service - Brian Barnes caters food and drink to parties, large and small, and has great contacts to local cooks (especially if you're looking for local cuisine).
All the restaurant chefs' phone numbers are on As a way of introduction, when you call tell them Lynda at suggested they might be able to help and they'll hopefully be able to assist you.
Good luck with your search - let me know how it works out. Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season.

"Thanks for the great Restaurant List!  I will use it when I get to the Caymens in December!
I can't wait. I love the Caymens! "

-August 2010

"We have a meeting with a bank coming up regarding... the neighborhood of $100M and we were planning to take them out for a productive (hopefully) dinner meeting.  I read your concierge report but it does not [sic] much of a description especially regarding the ambiance from a third party. Which one would be most suitable? One friend recommended Blue another Bacchus but they have only visited the Cayman’s for a week or two.

The party will be around five or six. End result we hope to attain is getting them to back and finance the project to a large extent. Wi-Fi would be helpful but the actual presentation will be prior to the dinner. The dinner is just more of a getting to know each other. Budget is not a consideration, as the stakes are high.
P.S. Like the witty email address Feedback"

-August 2010

"Just a helpful suggestion...

I was using your map feature on the website below and found it almost impossible to identify a restaurant that is close to my workplace in town. I suppose the purpose of the map is to show the location of restaurants. When you find your location on the map and try to find the "restaurant number" nearest to you in the list below it is almost impossible. As the list is in alphabetical order. If you are using the alphabetical listing to find the name of a restaurant you want to go to and they try to find it on the map... that also is almost impossible.

I would suggest that a map where you can mouse-over or click on the number on the map and the name will appear and the ability to click on the number next to the restaurants in the alphabetical listing and it will highlight the appropriate area on the map.

Hope this helps."

-August 2010

"I will be coming to the Cayman Islands for Thanksgiving and will be staying at the Comfort inn by Seven Mile beach during Thanksgiving before heading off to a timeshare for a week. Which restaurant(s) do you recommend of a nice Thanksgiving dinner? Are advance reservations needed? Its just for one...
- August 2010

"What happened to Hook's located along the road in front of Treasure Island Condos --- What restaurant went in that space?"
- June 2010

Hi Bonnie,
Hook's is long gone! A couple of other restaurants were in the space after them but they are closed too and the space is currently empty.

"Dear Lynda,
Great stuff! Yes please use the 'Driftwood' number which is 945-8849.... Phil is the Manager if you need to reach someone at the bar.


- May 2010

"I would like to book reservations for 5/24 at the Blue Resturant in the Ritz, and their website won't let me book that far in advance.  Can you help?"
- April 2010

"Hi, We are from California and visiting Grand Cayman in a couple of weeks!
Thank you for creating this website.  Is there a way you are able to create the restaurant listings in a PDF so people can print and take on vacation with them?
In addition, if you could get some of these restaurants to offer 10% off coupons I think it would increase your web traffic and their foot traffic!
Are you able to email me a PDF of the listings with the phone numbers locations etc?
- April 2010

Hi Cheri,

Thank you very much for contacting us regarding the restaurants of the Cayman Islands. We greatly appreciate our readers' feedback. 

For a printable version of ALL the restaurants in Cayman we include a link on the Home page to: - or, you can also find a link to printable versions of the restaurants listed by area in the Maps section, located just below each map. e.g.:

Admittedly, these links are not very obvious so we will be sure to bring this issue to light at our next redesign meeting. And providing PDF's is a great idea.

Regarding coupons: Many Americans have asked for Cayman's restaurants to provide these incentives but you will find that they are normally not part of the culture in Cayman and are rarely ever offered in any type of business. 

Thanks again for your time. Enjoy your visit to Grand Cayman - and please let us know which restaurants are your new favourites!


Hi again, Cheri,
One more thing I just thought of:
When you get here pick up a free "What's Hot" magazine available at most grocery stores and newsstands. Inside you'll find out what's going on when you're on the island - and if any restaurants, or stores, have any deals happening they usually advertise them in What's Hot.
Bon voyage!
- Lynda

"Dear Cayman Restaurants,
Is it possible to have our restaurant & bar listed on your site?  The info for a listing is as follows:
The Restaurant @ The Alexander / International/Caribbean / CB / 948-8222
The Bar @ The Alexander / American/Caribbean / CB / 948-8222
The Alexander opened in late June, 2009 and has quickly gained a reputation for the best food ever offered on Cayman Brac.  The Restaurant is the only restaurant on the Sister Islands that has been registered as a licensed partner by the Certified Angus Beef Assn.   We were selected to cater both the Departure luncheon on Cayman Brac for the departing Governor, as well as the Welcome luncheon to welcome the new Governor to Cayman Brac.
Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information on our restaurants or hotel.
Best regards,"
Michael J. Deighton, CHA
General Manager
The Alexander Hotel, Cayman Brac
- March 2010

Dear Michael!

...I'm happy to say that we now have Casa Braca listed on five pages on with each listing linked to your website (linked to - the page with info regarding Casa Braca).

If there is anything else we can do for you please let us know - we're only too happy to help promote Cayman's wonderful restaurants in any way we can.

Our best wishes to you and yours.


"Many thanks to whomever compiled this extensive list of [restaurant] businesses. I am currently looking for work in the Cayman Islands and your site has been invaluable to me for email addresses, names and a general overall view of the eating culture in the Cayman Islands.
Thanks again and wish me luck, it's now time to play the waiting game. Good luck with the site."
- January 2010

"Good morning,
Can you please advise me as to how one would get a restaurant listed on your site. I can send you all the information for OsetraBay and we would be thrilled to have this included.
Thank you in advance for your assistance."
The Knapiks
- January 2010

"Yes we do still have our tearoom open [Every Bloomin Thing]. Below I have attached information on
our Gingerbread Tea as well as our daily menu.

Have a great holiday season.

Best regards,"

- Tara H

"Please note for your next update of that Agave Grill can be hyperlinked to their website at "
- Big Vodka

"I’m looking for a restaurant that I enjoyed some years ago. It was in an old house with a lovely outdoor patio. I believe the chef was Swiss and the restaurant was named the Old House or Plantation House – the word house was in the name. Can you identify it and is it still in operation? How do I contact them for a reservation?
Thanks in advance for your help."
- Margaret F

"Hi, we have been to Grand Cayman many times, from cruises and stayed there for a week.  There was an Italian restaurant very close to downtown on the water--another restaurant was next to it.  I don't remember the name of the Italian restaurant, and since we are going to be back again in Feb. with a cruise would like to know its name so we can have lunch there.  I thought it also had another restaurant at another site also.  Also, is Hemingways still there--the most delicious key lime pie!!  Thanks for any help."
-   Sherry H

Hi Ed,

Thank you very much for contacting us at for inquiries about restaurants in Cayman. We have started collecting WiFi connection information from the restaurants and indicating them on the home page - - with a small -w beside the phone numbers.... You will currently see about two dozens restaurants listed with WiFi on the home page but you will likely find even more once you arrive on the island.

"Hello.  Could you tell me what establishments have a WiFi connection to the Internet?  Thanks."
- J. Ed S

I am looking for a chef to come to someone’s house and cook a meal for them. Can you please recommend someone for me?
Many thanks for your help.
Kind regards,"

- Helen
Cayman / 23-Dec-08

"Dear Cayman Restaurants,
I have clients arriving on Christmas day and they are asking about restaurants that would be open that day. Do you have a list you could email me?
 Your response is appreciated.
 Merry Christmas.
 Kind Regards,"
- C. Gersmehl, Travel Consultant
All Ways Travel

"Your website is useful and nice, however maybe you could integrate a sorting/filtering feature to filter out restaurants that deliver or those that are in a particular district or area for example. Maybe other filter criteria could be used. This would be useful for people like myself who can’t go to lunch and want to have food delivered."

- D. Ebanks
Cayman / 11-Nov-08

"Just came back from our first trip to the Grand Caymans. Several restaurants stand out...Calypso Grill offered outstanding views, food and service. Bamboo in the Beach Suites is really fun...great food and you don't have to like sushi. Must include Ragazzi's, which we like a great deal as well. And for breakfast, you can't beat Eats Cafe. Excellent food and the best prices of any place on the island."

- Doug,
Omaha / 25-Oct-08

"I am searching for restaurants that offer a special Sunday Brunch as that is when we will arrive.  Can you help me out with a list of websites to research and any recommendations?"

- K Geren,

"...It would be nice to see which restaurants deliver lunch at a front-page glance…
Otherwise, love your website!"

- Chelsea,

Thanks for your feedback! Much appreciated. turns 10 years old next year (2009) and we're considering a redesign of a few things so I'll forward your suggestion on to the committee. 

We do rely on sharp readers like you to keep us informed of new and old restaurants, too, so if you see any restaurants we should update we will certainly appreciate hearing from you again.

We will be visiting the Cayman Islands over Thanksgiving this year and staying at the Westin.  We have a large party (around 20 people) and are looking for a place that will be serving a traditional Thanksgiving lunch or dinner.  Can you recommend any places for us? 
Thanks for your help."

- Kim
Orlando, Florida / 11-Jul-08

"Thanks for the info. We plan to be in the Caymans next week. I printed the list of restaurants and this will be extremely useful. On our return I will email the restaurants and advise them we found them on the website."

- Brenda,

"Good afternoon,
I’m searching for nonpricy Caribbean local dishes like jerk chicken, pork jerk, beans and rice, maybe fresh coconut drink, sugar cane drink, and is there an open market for fresh fruits like longan, jack fruit, guava, sour sop, etc….
Thanks in advance for you reply."
- Zippy,

"I am wondering if you can steer me to a Chef I could hire for a week from the 20-27th in Cayman Kai – many thanks."
- Andy,

I am looking for the name of two restaurants I visited a couple years ago on Grand Cayman.  The first one was on Seven Mile Beach on the water.  It was a large outdoor restaurant on a deck overlooking the ocean, and at sunset, they fed large carp from the pier and let the children feed them.  The other one was on the other side of the island and featured parrots in cages and sitting on perches in the lobby area.  Can you help me with the names as we are going back in December this year.  Thank you so much!
- Cindy C,
Nov '07

"We have visited Grand Cayman four times over the past 15 years and will be returning for Thanksgiving Week. Was our favorite restaurant, Smuggler's Cove, destroyed by the hurricane?"

Spencer MA / 07Oct06

"I enjoyed looking at your site for my clients but was dissapointed in how few area restaraunts had a website listed for viewing. Let them know we cannot tell clients if they are not there. See you soon."
- Dale,
Cruise Planners / 12Aug06

"Can you please forward names of the nicer restaurants on the island that can accommodate 100 guests.......thanks."
- Darin,

"Greetings from Colorado, USA!
Please let me know your opinion of what are the six best restaurants on GC.  I'm particularly interested in restaurants which specialize in the highest quality of food prepared with the finest ingredients, and where the chefs are oriented to experimentation, fusion, taking risks, changing their menus regularly, etc.  The reason I ask for your input is I am in the organic olive oil business, will be on GC in mid-June, and intend to develop new business for our fine oils in addition to visiting our important customer there -- The Ritz Carlton - Grand Cayman.
Thank you!"
- Shelton,
Dillon CO, USA / 24May06

"Hello!  What a great website!  Very informative regarding restaurants.  I see that Eats Cafe is listed, but just wanted confirmation that they have reopened after Hurricane Ivan.  I hope so.  Also, the Crow's Nest.  I didn't see it listed and had heard when we were there last May, that they weren't going to reopen.  Is that the case?  I would truly hate that because that restaurant was very good, intimate and the staff were exceptional!
We are arriving back to the island on Tuesday for two weeks and are looking forward to finding some of the old places repaired and reopened.
Please let me know about Eats Cafe and The Crow's Nest."
Thank you so much!!"
- Michele,

"Thanks for the information about Mezza. I'm glad the restaurant is there, even though it's a different name, but I'm dissapointed they no longer serve breakfast. Is there another restaurant nearby that is very similar that serves breakfast? Thanks."

- Larry,

"Hi Larry,

Big Daddy's is gone but Mezza is in its place."

of: eCayman Ltd

"Is "Big Daddy's" restaurant still in business? (It's a short walk from The Marriott)

- Larry,

"Has the Cracked Conch reopened?  If not, do you have any idea when it may reopen.  We will be there from June 20-25, 2006.  Thank you."
- Tracy,

"I know that Casanova's was wiped out by the hurricane, but, I thought it was re-opening this winter/spring.  I haven't seen or heard anything regarding this for some time.  Is it still planning on re-opening?  We ate there a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it.  We will be back for an extended vacation this summer and we are hoping to be able to eat there again.  Any info you have would be great!  Thanks so much.  Your website is great!"

"Dear Brian,

Yes! is very up-to-date. We update it every month... except the maps get updated every December. We've been living here since '96 and nobody has even heard of Cavanaghs. Are you sure you were thinking of Cayman?"

of: eCayman Ltd

"is your information up to date ?
is cavanaughs still in georgetown ?
i am depending on it.
we have not been to the cayman islands for two years. The first seven were full of fun, sun, and dining.


- Brian,

"My husband and I are coming to Grand Cayman for our honeymoon but we have
limited funds for dining. Where would you recommend we eat if we are staying
at the Westin? Sorry if this is imposing. Thank you."

- Kerry,

"We will be in Cayman for Xmas day and wondered if you could recommend a hotel or restaurant offering a traditional lunch which would suit a family of two adults and two young children - somewhere offering a visit from Santa would be particularly appealing!
Hope you can help."
- Colette,

"HI, and thank you for the rest. site.
i was wondering if you know of buffet dining in the area. i have clients staying at the hyatt and they are bringing a 1 year old baby and think she will not be "happy" with any sit downs. I do not know for sure which rest. are or have buffets.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
thanks again."
- Loren,
Liberty travel NY / 02Nov05

"I noticed on your site that the Pirate's Den is crossed out.  Are they closed and gone or just closed for repairs?  My wife and I both enjoy their atmosphere and food so I'm hoping it's only temporary.
By the way, love your site!"
- Andy,
U.S.A., 27Oct05

"That’s great news!!! As annual visitors to your wonderful island, Eats Cafe was a fun part of our vacations. Thank you so much for the information. Looking forward to an ultimate omelet myself!!!!! Thanks again and best wishes!"

- Scott,

"Thank you for the information you post on your website. Any idea when Eats Cafe will re-open?"
- Scott,

"We are americans that will be on the island for our Thanksgiving. Any of the restaurants planning to offer any kind of menu for us that day? Just curious....otherwise I will cook myself!! Thank you."

- Michele,

"Hi Guys;
Love the site, we’ll have to do something with you soon…
Anyway, new Café del Sol just opened in town…If you would be so kind as to add this location and let me know when it is there.
Many thanks for your excellent work."
- Marek
Café del Sol  / Oct05

"We are returning to the Island -- our first trip since the hurricane -- and we were wondering if the Edge was opened.  Thanks to your website, I noticed the same owner also has Over the Edge and we'll try that one next month.  Thanks again.  I've forwarded your website address to other people who also travel to Cayman."
- Trina Bortko / 10Oct05

"... Ive been checking out this site for years.  You have great info here.  Keep up the great work.  Thanks also for the updates after Ivan.....I learned more here than anywhere."
- Kristi / 26Sep05

We really enjoyed looking at your list of restaurants that were open before our recent trip to Grand Cayman. Just wanted to let you know that Cimboco's opened up last week (we also ate there). Good as ever!"

- Charlene Peteson / 07Mar05

"I've found this restaurant guide to be very helpful. We'll be returning to Grand Cayman, to vacation, in a couple of months and this guide has answered a lot of my questions about which restaurants are open. When we were there in 2002 we ate at Outback Steakhouse located in The Strand, and had a great meal and was served by a friendly waitress. I've emailed Outback Steakhouse asking if the restaurant will reopen. I was sorry to received the following response:      
The Outback in the Cayman Islands will not be returning Sherri Jones
2202 No. West Shore Blvd
Tampa, Florida 33607

- Mike @ / 03Mar05

"We're heading to GC Jan 23rd to Feb 6th, our 9th trip to Cayman in 8 years. We really want to support the local restaurants so please keep updating your site. We're so grateful for the up to date information that you provide. Well done!" [post hurricane Ivan]
- Dan & Joan Nicolle

"I must say your site is great!  I am finding it so helpful in planning our trip.  Thank you for the are giving me more time to relax on our vacation cause you answered the most important question.........What are we eating?"
- Theresa

"Fabulous site!  It is the most comprehensive restaurant site I have found for Grand Cayman.  The maps are extremely helpful. I have printed everything out before our trip."
- Bill Schurtz

"This is awesome! What a great resource! I hope that it will be kept up to date regularly?"
- Kingsley

"Your website is great. Grand Cayman is my favorite place to eat, sleep and be merry. I was pleased to see The Reef (Grill) listed - I'll be there in 10 days, and looking forward to eating my way through their menu again."
- WeeAussie

"I was hoping someone could send me some info on the price range at Red Ginger at he North Surf Side Inn. Is this a busy restaraunt? And if we are staying on Seven Mile Beach how would we get there? What is the least expensive way? And how long would it take?"
- Jessica

"Re: Hook's
I need a reservation for party of 5 for 630pm on May 23 - last name Levin
I will be staying at the Westin.
Can you send back confirmation?"
- M. Levin

"Can you help me out? We are heading to Grand Cayman (again) on January12th. I would like to call ahead and make reservations for the wonderful Sunday Brunch at the Westin Hotel. Can you give me the phone number to call? I don't remember the name of the restaurant. Thanks so much."
- Joan Stetson

"I was in Cayman for a week this summer and cannot tell you how pleased I was to find this site. It has brought back all of my wonderful Cayman memories. I cannot wait to return to your beautiful
Island. Thank you."
- C. Lambert

"Can you help us to determine where a group of 10 wants to go for dinner, dancing and celebrating on New Years Eve? We are a fun loving group over 39 arriving on the 30th and need some help finding the right spot to celebrate New Years Eve. We will be staying at the Georgetown villas and will be eating out every night so will support your economy while there..Thank you for your help... "
- Kathy W.

"I want to know if you send out keychains with logos on them, or if I can purchase one?
My daughter collects keychains.
Thank You. "
- Brenda W.

"I visited your magnificent country a few years ago, and have not stopped thinking about returning. I am 22 years old with 2 years of classical training as a sous chef. I very much would like to work in the Caymans, but don't know where to begin. Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you. "
- Chris A.

"do you have a list of the restaurants that have seating overlooking the water? "
- Jennifer H.


"Thank you for your quick reply. I use your web site every time I come to the Caymans. I have made reservations at the Wharf and used your website. I have also made reservations at the Lighthouse at Breakers and wouldn't have known about this restaurant at all if it hadn't been for
Thanks again for the list you provided below. "
- Jennifer H.

"Dear Papagallo Chef
I am very interested in the recipe of TUNA CARPACCIO that I enjoyed so much in your restaurant. Would it be possible to have it. I would appreciate it very much.
Thank you . "
- Samia W.

- Dan A.

I am visiting the Cayman Islands with my wife for Christmas - we have self catering accommodation and are looking for places to eat. We are particularly interested in Christmas day - do you have any recommendations.
Regards, "
- Jeff C.

"1. Did not like the red color -- couldn't read very well...
2. Your intro said menus -- could not find any
3. Was looking for a restaurant that specialized in "turtle steaks" -- hoped your site could help -- it did not. "
- Bob W.


"Thank you for responding. We took your advice and had a turtle steak sandwich at the Turtle Farm. It was great! Would liked to have tried a true "steak" at one of your finer restaurants but our ship left before the
restaurants opened at 5:00. Not to worry -- gives us something to look forward to on our next visit to your wonderful island. Thanks again. "
- Bob W.

"I was visiting Grand Cayman last winter and had a delightful 'fish and chips' lunch in a pub downtown on the second floor of a building. I would like the name of the pub. Thank you. "
- George C.

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"As a frequent visitor to Grand Cayman, I find this listing most helpful. I hope more of the restaurants will develop web pages in the future. The web page further helps one decide the most appropriate spot for families. Thanks for your efforts. "
- Don E.

"it is time to update your site. also add more info for people about each rest..i.e. more pics "
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"thank you for your fast reply. I will check back. I am going to gc in jan so I need info like yours.
I go every year. This time it is with 10 people so reviews are a godsend "
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"Hi-we're leaving for the Cayman Islands on Thurs., 11/2, and I was thrilled to find your website. We are taking our 3 children, ages 11-15, and they were thrilled to find many of their favorite restaurants there-ie. Hard Rock Café, the Outback. Their fear of starvation was alleviated!!! It also helped us decide which places we'd like to try by previewing the menus. Thanks again… "
- Pam C.


"It would be my pleasure to mention your website to the restaurants we visit in the Cayman Islands! "Thanks to the information you provided, we know where to go to satisfy everyone. While I love seafood, my husband eats none. By previewing these menus, we can decide where to go for both our tastes to be satisfied. Thanks again for making our trip more enjoyable before we even leave. "
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"Loved your information. I only wish each restaurant had its own site so I could see if they were children friendly! "
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"I'm glad to hear you are making improvements to your site. It will be extremely useful to travelers. I just returned from your island and had a terrific stay. (Kaibo Yacht Club gets my vote for the #1 restaurant). I'll visit again when we plan our return! "
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"I recently visited the Cayman Islands and dined at the Reef Grill. For dinner, I ordered their roasted chicken soup for an appetizer, and it was positively some of the best soup I have ever had. I am trying desperately to contact either the restaurant or at least find a similar recipe. If you have any information or advice concerning this matter, please let me know. Thanks very much… "
- Natalie E.

"Thanks for an excellent web page. It would be better if it didn't have the red background so it would be easier to print out. Thanks again. "
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"My family and I stayed at the Westin Casurina Hotel and ate many time atLegendz Classic Grille. We enjoyed the easy atmosphere and loved the conch chowder. Would it be possible to receive the recipe for the conch chowder. It was one of my personal favorites. Sincerely… "
- Mrs. Laquitta S.

- Mrs. Joan B.

"I discovered your site via Yahoo and have already contacted Papagollo's regarding a group of 40 for a private dinner function. I understand there is another restaurant called Chef Tell? (Editor's note: this is the Grand Old House). It was not listed on your site. Are you familiar with them? Has there been a name change? I am attempting to book a group of 71 for dinner on Wednesday, May 23, 2001. Any advice you can give would be appreciated!"
- Mike J

"Looks like an excellent website and the information is very helpful for an upcoming trip.
One small item to note is the color of the background. With the red background and pink lettering it is not real easy to read when printed. Any possibility of changing the print to another color?"
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"Does Cayman have any vegetarian restaurants? My wife, I, and two friends will be visiting the island from 5/23 - 6/3. Thank you for any information. Your website is very nicely configured and is very informative,"
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