Cake designer Lori-Ann Foley


Since first opening their doors in 2011 the Cake Studio (Cayman) has steadily gained an unparalleled reputation for their commitment to excellence in the art of cake baking and décor, specializing in custom cakes for every occasion that not only look and taste incredible but can withstand Cayman’s hot and humid temperatures!

It is no secret that owner and founder Lori-Ann Foley is both the driving force for excellence, as well as the artist behind their exceptionally realistic sugar flowers, which she personally hand crafts with a passion for perfection.

In addition to customised cakes, the Cake Studio also offer a host of dessert items including cookies, donuts, cheesecakes, macarons, coconut macarons, cupcakes, cake pops, meringues, tarts and cake jars, providing stunning themed dessert stations for weddings and events.

From selling frozen cakes to making customized cakes

When asked how she first came up with the idea for the Cake Studio, Lori shared with us that it actually came about by complete accident, when her previous business, a frozen yogurt franchise that sold imported frozen yogurt, cakes and pies, faced near disaster.  Having run a huge promotion campaign for Fathers’ Day Lori told us she had ordered a large quantity of stock in anticipation of boosted sales.  A few days prior, Lori arrived to find that one of her employees had left the freezer open overnight and all of the cakes and pies had melted. With no time to re-order and failure not being an option, Lori took on the unthinkable feat of making the cakes herself.

“The promotion was a huge success and, once I had time to recover and reflect on the experience, I marveled that I had actually enjoyed the challenge,” Lori told us.  “It was then the thought of making wedding cakes popped into my head and I have not looked back since!”

“Along the way I have taken flower courses and spent many hours developing mouth-watering recipes to include for all dietary requirements including gluten free and vegan cakes, without compromising on flavor or finish.”

Lori’s personal favourite is their gluten-free chocolate cake.  “It’s so rich and moist you just can’t beat it!”

You can enjoy trying out some of Lori’s recipes and techniques by watching her featured videos.

For more information about the Cake Studio, products and services, you can visit:

Telephone: 1-345-926-4944

Written by Juliette Heath

Juliette Heath is a Caymanian foodie, wedding and events planner, and author of kids’ books.