Does the idea of prepping healthy lunches every day give you a bit of a headache? It doesn’t have to be such a chore! Here are a few tips to help you easily whip up healthy lunches for school.

1. Healthy swaps

Small changes go a long way when making healthy lunches. For example, swap out white bread for whole wheat, opt for natural peanut butter with bananas instead of a PB and J and replace mayonnaise in sandwiches with avocado.

2. Jazz up leftovers

Made some healthy roast chicken for dinner? Turn it into a wrap with shredded carrots and lettuce on a whole wheat wrap for a healthy lunch.

3. Variety is key

One of the main reasons children dread eating their packed lunch is boredom, so mix it up. Instead of a sandwich every day, stuff fillings into a whole wheat pita pocket one day and make a wrap for another.

4. Make veggies ‘dippable’

Vegetables may never be the food of choice for most children but you can make them a little snazzier by making them ‘dippable’ like chips. Pair carrot slices, raw broccoli, cauliflower or cherry tomatoes with delicious healthy dips such as hummus for an easy to prepare and nutritious snack.

5. Get them involved

When your child has a say in what they’re going to be eating, they’re more likely to eat it! Meal plan with your kids and have them help you to pick out the items in the supermarket and help you with the preparation even a little bit.

6. Meal prep

A little meal prep on the weekend goes a long way. Wash, peel and chop veggies and fruits and store them in sealed containers in the fridge so that you can whip up lunch easily in the mornings.

By Stephanie Koathes