This month, it’s time to visit China.

Boasting one of the World’s most inspiring cuisines, China’s history, tradition and even medicine have all played a part in influencing the creation of their versatile and extensive recipes.

Traditionally, Chinese food is served with each person having their own bowl of rice or noodles with the rest of the dishes served to share, although this has been adapted in restaurants internationally to accommodate the more western tradition of each person having their own separate plate of food.

With the world’s largest population, it is no surprise that China offers an extensive range of regional recipes with varying staple ingredients.  Southern China is known for their use of rice, whereas in the north, noodles and steamed buns are more commonly served.  When it comes to flavour, China’s cuisine is divided into north, south, east and west: 

  • Northern dishes offer a fresh, crispy and salty selection with a large selection of seafood dishes.  One of the most popular dishes from this region is Peking Duck, served in Chinese restaurants across the world. 
  • Southern China is known for their selection of sweet and milder sauces, with popular dishes such as Dim Sum originating from this region.
  • Eastern dishes from the Jiangsu province, home to Shanghai, China’s largest city, boasts a gourmet cuisine incorporating sweet and sour dishes using refined cooking techniques to produce rich and aromatic dishes that are also prepared to be aesthetically pleasing.   
  • Western China, the Sichuan province produces the spiciest flavours famous for their bold hot taste that is not commonly found in other regions.  Popular ingredients include chili, nuts, garlic and ginger. A well-known favorite from this region is Kung Pao Chicken made using nuts, hot chillies and a combination of soy sauce and rice wine marinade for the chicken before being stir fried.

It is no surprise that Chinese food is one of the most popular ethnic cuisines Worldwide with such a versatile selection of dishes to suit all appetites and, Cayman is no exception when it comes to their love of Chinese food!

Look out for our upcoming articles featuring Chinese Restaurants in Cayman.

By Juliette Heath

Juliette Heath is a Caymanian foodie, weddings and events planner, and author of kids’ books.