Image supplied by Island Epicurean

Even though October is seen as the peak time of hurricane season and therefore lower tourist numbers, Cayman foodies still continue to dine out and one way that they can support local businesses is by taking part in Restaurant Month.  

It is one of the most anticipated deals of the year since 30+ restaurants offer lunch and dinner options at a discounted rate; three course lunches start as low as CI$15, while three course dinners can be as low as CI$25.  It is the perfect opportunity to save a few bucks while visiting a favourite destination or take a chance and try somewhere completely new.  

I particularly love that the restaurants can go in one of two directions: feature their most popular items in a set menu format or add new items to change up a guest’s usual dining experience.  Some of the regular participants that have joined in once again include Agua, Abacus, Lobster Pot and Cayman Cabana, and some newer locations that have signed up include BAYSIDE, La Casita and Ms. Piper’s.  

This year they are also offering one signature brunch per week to celebrate Restaurant Month and allow foodies to take part in a one-of-a-kind experience.  These always sell out so be on the lookout once they become live and reserve a table immediately!

Image supplied by Island Epicurean

Last year when I joined the team I did “Island Epicurean’s Pick Of The Week”.   It was such a hit that we’re going to bring it back for 2022 and I’ll feature some of my favourite Restaurant Month menus. 

Follow along throughout the month of October and see where I end up.  If you are excited to learn more about this year’s restaurants and their menus, simply visit their website,  

You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop with all of the updates over the coming weeks.