Like many of you, I always try to set a few intentions for 2023 – exercise more, take time to meditate, decrease alcohol intake and eat cleaner.  Sure, they may not always pan out in the long term, but it’s the intention of trying to change for the better that matters.  Regarding Cayman’s food & beverage scene, this blog highlights some of the ways that I try to make positive changes to my dietary routine.  Hopefully you’ll give them a go this year too!

Eat More Plants

Photo supplied by Island Epicurean.

I was never a huge fan of salads, so seeing the plant-based movement blossom at an exponential rate on island means there are tons of options. Not only are more people incorporating things like #MeatlessMondays into their weekly routine, but some are choosing to be vegan, vegetarian, or even flexitarian full time. I consider myself to be a flexitarian when attempting to eat healthier with a “less meat, more veggie” approach.  Research has shown that eating more plant-based can help with long term chronic health issues, such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and more.  Some of my favourite dishes at vegetarian /vegan restaurants include the delicate Coconut Ceviche at Vivo, the fibre-rich Island Bowl at Bread & Chocolate and a fruity Açai Bowl from Island Naturals.  

Get Juicy

Image supplied by Island Epicurean.

I don’t expect you to be drinking through a straw all month long, but one of my favourite gut resets is with Green2Go.  They’re a well-respected company on island that creates cold-pressed juices, smoothies, shakes and wellness shots.  You can go for a monthly membership with a minimum of three deliveries per week to your home or office at a discounted rate.  Go this route if you’re looking for long term benefits or do a quick detox of your system by opting for their 1-, 3- or 5-day juice cleanses.  After so many celebrations over the holidays with alcohol and heaps of food, I’ve already arranged my juice cleanse!

“Dry January”

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Whether you decide to challenge yourself to be sober for the month or just want to decrease your alcohol intake, you can still head out on the town. Sure, you can stick with water, soda and juice, but if you want to try some non-alcoholic cocktails, I have a few favourites.  The Edgy Vedge’s hibiscus-infused “Sea Biscus”, the hoppy “Not An IPA” from Door No. 4, the tropical flavours of “The Hammock” from UNION and the globally inspired mocktails at Harbour Grille like the “Southeast”, which incorporates guava and lemongrass.  You can also buy bottles of Saucha’s kombucha at any grocery store if you want something bubbly, yet probiotic dense, when drinking at home. 

What are your favourite ways to eat and drink a bit cleaner this year?  Leave a comment below