Thanksgiving is a special time of year to spend with your family and friends and reflect on what makes you grateful. So why spend the time in the kitchen cooking all day? For Thanksgiving options to dine at home without the stress of cooking, here are our top choices. 

Chicken Chicken 

You can order your Thanksgiving meal from Chicken Chicken this year. You have the option to select a classic Thanksgiving feast to feed family of six to eight or nine to 12 people. The meal options begin at CI$150. 


12 pound roasted turkey 

Sauteed vegetables 

Aunt Dee’s stuffing 

Baked sweet potatoes or mashed potatoes

Homemade gravy 

Cranberry sauce with a hint of orange 

Homemade Caribbean cornbread 

Traditional pumpkin pie or pecan pie. 

Call 345-945-2290 to place your orders. 

Foster’s Supermarket 

Foster’s offers a delightful Thanksgiving fare with a Caribbean twist for CI$94.99. 


Smoked Cayman-style jerk pork shoulder or

Oven roasted whole turkey with homestyle gravy and cranberry sauce or 

Maple glazed whole ham with pineapples and cherries

Your choice of three sides from: 


Scalloped potatoes

Mac and cheese

Steamed herbed vegetables 

Mashed potatoes 

And for dessert pumpkin pie or apple pie. 

Call Foster’s for additional details on how to place your order, 345-945-4748.

Hurley’s Marketplace

You can order your Thanksgiving dinner from Hurley’s Marketplace this year and skip the kitchen. The turkey dinner costs CI$189.95


12-14 lb turkey 

Hurley’s famous stuffing 

Buttermilk mashed potatoes 

Creamy mac and cheese

Maple glazed carrots

Garlic roasted Brussel sprouts 

12 dinner rolls 

Country style gravy 

Hurley’s homemade cranberry sauce. 

Just place your order and pick-up, call 345-947-8488. 

Kirk Market 

You can get a classic turkey and ham dinner to serve six people from Kirk Market this Thanksgiving. The dinner costs CI$89.99. 


Butter roasted sliced turkey breast slices 

Maple glazed ham

Creamy mashed potatoes 

Fresh cranberry sauce

Sweet potato souffle with pecans

Green bean casserole 

Homestyle gravy. 

For additional information, call Kirk Market at 345-949-7022. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

By Chantel DaCosta

Chantel DaCosta is the Content Editor at Yello Media Group.