Join Ms Piper’s Kitchen and Garden for what is described as ‘a whimsical birthday celebration’ on Saturday 17 September 2022. 

The unique eatery first opened its doors in 2021 and boasts an eclectic menu with an array of international dishes including Korean ribs, schnitzel, bone in rib eye, and half grilled and glazed chicken. 

The fun-filled evening starts at 6pm. The entertainment will feature glamorous synchronised swimming by water performers the Aqualillies and music by indie rock band, The Neverines. Plus, you can get an energy reading by the Aura Portal team from Miami. 

It costs CI$60 per person for a family style dinner with champagne and CI$35 for aura photography. 

To RSVP email the restaurant,

By Chantel DaCosta

Chantel DaCosta is the editor for Yello Media Group.