With a unique and fascinating family history combined with an extensive, affordable menu that features traditional Cayman cuisine, it is no surprise that South Coast Bar & Grill is a local favourite attracting loyal customers from all walks of life across the Island.

Owner, George Anthony ‘Tony’ Powell gave me a warm welcome so encompassing of Cayman kind that I felt as though I was sitting down with an old friend as he relayed the history and inspiration behind this popular Caymanian family-owned restaurant.  

‘Mother’ Restaurant Reef Pointe, Hurricane Ivan and continuing the family tradition

South Coast’s ‘Mother’ restaurant, Reef Point was opened in 1978 by Tony’s mother Ventris Powell and his brother, Charles, a successful local fisherman.  Ventris had previously provided personal chef services to guest houses on Island with Charles preparing his freshly caught fish and fritters to sell at the fire station which, proved so popular, he was unable to keep up with demand.  With their combined experience, Reef Pointe became an instant success, attracting customers island-wide. Even Governor Gore was a regular patron, stopping by for their caboose cooked fried fish and fritters and a glass of Cayman Swankie after his weekly visits to local attraction, Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park.

When Reef Pointe was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, the family came together to support and advise Tony on the building of a new restaurant.  Every detail was thought through, with an emphasis on Cayman heritage; from the location that boasts panoramic sea views, to the restaurant’s ‘boat head’ design that acts as a natural buffer against harsh weather. 

Initially opening as a bar, the demand for food became so overwhelming that it was only a matter of time before the family came together, initially providing home cooked meals on weekends to patrons, before expanding to growing demand.  Over the years, the South Coast Bar & Grill has continued to grow to accommodate the more diverse population with a more expansive menu.   

Fresh local ingredients

With local fisherman, including Tony’s brother, providing the daily catch and Tony’s cattle farm providing local beef for the restaurant, plans are underway for a family farm to grow their own produce in keeping with the current ‘farm to table’ trend.

Tony’s warmth and genuine spirit is reflected throughout the restaurant with a focus on customer care, ensuring everyone feels welcome and dietary needs are taken into consideration, guests can order any combination of menu items to suit their preference.

Tony’s favorite expression is “Know the way, go the way, show the way”.

Specials include:

  • Daily ‘grab and go’ lunch menu
  • Lobster Fiesta five course menu on Thursdays.
  • Karaoke night on Saturdays together with the Saturday Run Down and freshly prepared chicharon special. 

Opening hours: Monday to Wednesday 11am-9pm, Thursday-Sunday 11am-10pm. 

T: (1) 345 947 2517

FB: https://www.facebook.com/southcoastbarandgrill/

Website: www.southcoastbar.com 

Article by Juliette Heath.

Juliette Heath is a Caymanian foodie, weddings and events planner, and author of children’s books.