After a few weeks of indulging over the holidays we could all use a clean slate as we enter 2022.  Here are a few companies on island that can help restart your journey through healthy eating, cleanses and detoxes.  


Green2Go may have started selling green juices, but this company has expanded to serve a range of freshly made juices, smoothies, shakes and snacks.  Whether you are looking for a meal replacement, afternoon bite or detoxifying juice cleanse this is where you want to go.  Become a member and take advantage of their discounts and reliable delivery service.


Zest brings you healthy meals that utilise quality, sustainable ingredients and delivers it to your door.  If you want to get creative for your weekday dinners order their ‘Zest Kits’ that include easy instructions and portioned ingredients to cook at home.  If you are wanting a stricter diet, then join their portion-controlled meals for lunch and dinner under the ‘Zest Fit’ programme.

Brussels Sprouts 

This small restaurant is well known by those of you on a specialty diet like Keto and Whole Life Challenge.  Brussels Sprouts offer a daily meal targeting these diets daily, but also serve other tasty, healthy options for the rest of us.  If you are looking to spend less time in the kitchen then you should look into joining their 30-day meal plans.

Island Naturals

This vegan restaurant and retail shop is beloved for helping people achieve a cleaner and greener lifestyle.  Not only can you find quality supplements and juices here, but they serve delicious meals where you don’t even miss the meat, dairy or gluten.

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By Chelsea Tennant

Chelsea Tennant is the blogger behind the popular Cayman Islands blog, Island Epicurean where readers can find a detailed guide to the Cayman Islands’ culinary culture.